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Home renovations can lead to some costly errors.  What follows is a short article on a few  that you can avoid.

Mismatched Designs

While your ultramodern kitchen would look great in a post-modern home, it looks out of place in a hundred year old Tudor home. A brand new spa grade tub next to peeling wall paper and ragged carpet in the master bathroom doesn’t improve the home’s value. Adding an extra bathroom or sun room sounds great, until potential home buyers consider it a negative because it stands out from the rest of the house like a sore thumb.   A massive master suite with a 900 square foot bedroom with its own sitting room may not add value to your home if it’s not the standard for the neighborhood; for most neighborhoods, an “upgrade” of that nature and size would be appropriate for million dollar plus homes and not fitting for a neighborhood where the average sales price is between 600 and 700 thousand.  Calgary home renovations decisions that make your home substantially different from the near surrounding homes will always make your home a niche sale and more niche to the degree that puts a million dollar price tag on the home before a master suite is suitable for the market. Talk to firms that do home renovations in Calgary like www.corefront.ca to know what renovations are suitable for both the market and your budget.

Going DIY Instead of with a Pro

There are some home renovations you can do yourself. Painting the walls, clearing out the clutter, steam cleaning the carpets, scrubbing those dark smudges off the floor, replacing cracking doors, caulking the windows and many other small tasks are suitable for DIY enthusiasts. However, there are many tasks that are a mistake to try to take on yourself unless you’re a licensed professional. Never try to install new HVAC equipment, rewire a room, replace plumbing or do masonry work unless you’re already an expert. If you don’t think a renovation is going to do the trick checkout www.AlbertaRealEstateGroup.com for the latest houses for sale in Calgary

Failing to Factor Comfort into the Renovation:

Converting a basement into a bedroom, game room or home office has a high return on investment. You tend to recoup 85% of the cost of the renovation. Turning attics into living space has an even greater return on investment if there simply isn’t space to add on to the house. Renovations tend to run into problems when the grand plan fails to take human needs into account. For example, putting flooring and paint in the basement isn’t enough to turn it into living space if the basement remains cold and damp.
Think about the steps you can take to ensure that the renovated space is as accessible as the rest of the home. If you’re turning the basement into bedrooms for your growing family, converting the basement into a walkout basement gives the kids access to the yard without making them have to stomp through the house to get there. Conversely, don’t expect anyone to willingly move into new basement bedrooms, though, if you’ve kept the same rickety stairs, allowed half the space to remain filled with neglected stored items and it is a long walk to the nearest bathroom.

Wasting Time to Save Money

When someone says they want to refinish their own cabinets to save time, they are usually ignorant of the time the task requires and the sheer amount of sweat you put into the job. Because it isn’t something most people do on a regular basis, they simply cannot do it as effectively and quickly as a single expert. And companies that do home renovations in Calgary bring in the team to do it as efficiently as possible. Someone who assumes it is a weekend job for themselves end up spending evenings for a week trying to finish the task, or they can hire an renovations company to do the job and the cleanup after the job is done in a day or two.

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Forgetting the Permit:

One of the often neglected benefits of hiring experts in home renovations Calgary has to offer is their expertise in the permitting process. The only thing worse than finishing out a basement or upgrading your garage into a workshop is getting hit with fines for not getting the right permits and approvals taken care of first.